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Motors Pneumatic, blades, gear and special

Pneumatic motors

Ingersoll rand motor

Ingersoll rand and ARO motors represent a flexible and efficient alternative to electric power as they are suitable for use in a wide range of industrial applications and with advantages as follows:•Availability of an infinite number of speed variations and torque values

•Immediate start-up, halting and reverse gear

•Do not overheat or burn-out

•Safe use in hazardous situations

•Low maintenance costs

•Working temperatures between 150 and 300™ F

200 models with a wide range of of options are available•With or without the option to reverse gear

•Flange or foot mounted configuration

•With or without gear

•Power between 0,1 and 30 HP

•Sped between 23 and 26,000 rpm


Direct drive, piston or gear motors

The piston motors are ideal for constantly changing loads like winches and hoists•CC to KK series: from 2,05 to 25 HP (1.05 to 18.64 Kw), from 92 to 500 rpm, with optional speed variation using pneumatic controls

•KK5B series, direct drive air and radial piston motors. From 29 to 30 HP (from 21,6 to 22,3 Kw). 900 rpm speed with optional speed variation through pneumatic controls

•MMP 150 series Direct pneumatic motors with radial pistons. From 16,000Hp (11,9kW), 1,800rpm, with pneumatically controlled speed option. These motors can work with no lubrication. A number of special models with remote control are available on request.


Direct drive air vane motors

Sm series direct drive air vane motor

Direct drive air vane motors from 0.33 to 4,8 HP, variable speed using the pneumatic control

•Lubricant-free functioning in most applications

•No risk of burnt-out or halting due to stall or overloading, as these motors are specifically designed to operate in these conditions

•there are neither power failure nor sparks therefore these motors are suitable for applications at risk or fire or explosion

•Instantaneous reverse gear

•These motors expand the air and are therefore able to work at temperatures up to1500 F

•Compact and portable

•Variable speed, controlled with a simple valve on the air supply pipe

•Minimum maintenance. The only requirement is clean air.

•Soft start-ups preserving in-line machinery


In line pneumatic blade motors with reductions

Series 4800, in line pneumatic motor with reduction and epicycloidal gear

Series 44 pneumatic, in line motor with palette, reductions and epicycloidal gear

M002 pneumatic, in line motor with palette, reductions and epicycloidal gear.

These motors are divided into eleven series, all with variable speed using pneumatic controls. Other characteristics:•Do not overheat and can be halted or overloaded for long periods of time with no resulting damage


•Smooth start-up to safeguard the system where the motors are installed

•Variable speed. A wide range of speeds can be controlled by fitting a simple valve on the air feeding system

•Require minimum maintenance, as these motots are strong and durable. The air supplied must be clean, dry and lubricated