Electric winches

Ingersoll Rand range of electric winches is designed to offer maximum environmental resistance

Main characteristics :

•The motors electric insulation is B class with a 1.0 minimum service factor - equal to 1.0 - thus ensuring motors to deliver 100% of their rated horsepower throughout their working cycle.

•Motors are sealed and fan-cooled

•Ingersoll Rand electric winches can be positioned horizontally, vertically or upside down.


Electric winches

91 to 11364 kg capacity

•Sealed, fan-cooled (TEFC) motors with high torque value, Nema B class"B" with an average 280% starting torque.

•Automatic disc brake system rated at 200% motor torque

•the lever-operated, jaw clutch on puller hoists enables the disengagement of the drum for free spooling of cable

•bi-directional pulling

•Puller winches have an adjustable brake to control drum spinning, thus preventing excessive speed during free spooling operations.


Electric winches

Worm gear series with 682 to 909 kg capacity

•Sealed, non-ventilated (TENV) motors; 15 minute cycle for EBT1500; 10 for EBT2000

•Spring set, electromagnetically released automatic shoe style brake with manual release for emergency operation

•Bronze worm gear ensuring automatic self-locking

•Sealed, anti-friction bearings

•Emergency, manual handle;

•Aluminium frame and drum;

•Belt driver;


Fulcrum Series electric winch

The Fulcrum "E" series is available in two basic configurations: EP for pulling applications and EL for lifting applications.

Technical features

•Fully compliant with ANSI / ASME B30.7

•Lifting models with 18:1 D/d ratio (for ANSI / ASME B30.7)

•Puller models with 15:1 D/d ratio (for ANSI / ASME B30.7)

•5:1 design factor

•The motors with a high torque design are suitable for uninterrupted working conditions, sealed and fan-cooled (TEFC)

•World-wide voltages

•Wide range of gear ratios and line speeds

•Motor automatic disc brake

•Hydraulic and Man Rider™ models available on request


Hydraulic winches

The Ingersoll Rand hydraulic winches are based on the design of the new Fulcrum winches and on the design experience derived from the Force 5 series.

A hydraulic motor and hydraulically released brakes replace the standard pneumatic components. These winches can be fitted with a hydraulic switchboard or with diesel or electric motors.


Hydraulic winches LS2-150HLP Man-rider, 150 kg capacity


Main characteristics:

•Compact and modular construction

•Straightforward inspection and maintenance

•Hydraulic motor with flanges. Entirely manufactured in steel

•Gear case is sealed inside the drum

•Internal, multi-disc brake for enhanced protection and corrosion resistance.

•Automatic external brake (fitted on drum). The stainless steel band has highly resistance to corrosion.

•To enhance safety, this internal brake is independent from the external one. In the event of a power failure, they both set off;

•Dynamic lowering control using a counterweight valve, thus preventing a permanent friction on brakes

•Overheating protection device. Automatically halts the hoist in case of an overload higher than 130 % of the allowed working load.


Hydraulic winches Liftstar LS5000H75GC

Technical data

•SWL 5000 kg with full drum

•Nominal pressure: 150 bar

•Speed: 30m/min;

•Nominal capacity: 142 l/min

•Rope diameter: 20 mm

•rope capacity:

- nominal: 188 m in 4 layers

- full drum capacity 309 m in six layers

•Weight: approximately 985 kg


Hydraulic winches Liftstar LS2-600H40

Technical data

•SWL 600 kg with full drum;

•Nominal pressure: 100 bar:

•Max speed: 20 m/min

•Nominal capacity: 25 l/min

•Rope dia: 6.5 mm

•rope capacity:

- cable nominal length: 58 m in 5 layers

- content of entire drum: 89 m in 7 layers

•Weight: approximately 52 kg