Tools For assembly

A complete range of ergonomic utensils from the screwidriver to the work-station

Ingersoll Rand assembly equipment sold by Maber is designed according to exacting quality standards and in view of a global market prespective. This equipment is excellently balanced and ergonomically adjustable to the operator, thus improving productivity.

Classical pneumatic screwdrivers Reversible and non-reversible, with various grips

Versatec electric screwdrivers & trade

Classic pneumatic, angle wrenches: Models with adjustable friction, air lock or cushion adjustable: precision models with air-block valve, stall models.

Screw-driver and angle pneumatic impactools, high-performance,

Products for couple measuring and control.


Sensor clamping portable systems And Tensor I©

pulse hydraulic nut-runners and screw-drivers

Accessories, moil points and sockets: nose guide, nose holder, etc. for screwdrivers and hydraulic tools

Hexagonal and sockets and adapters, Etc. for impactools and hydraulic tools

Production drills and threaders Classic drills, straight and squared handle models, angle models, square models with Skinsulate ™, Variable speed models

Non-lubricated drills: Fixed, modular models

Tappers and multi-functional drills

Work-stations, automatic assembly products and accessories: Work-stations with parallelogram arm, arm, balancers

Maber Srl Combined filter/regulator/lubricator units

Friction with automatic block motors

Screwing automatic systems

Drills and threaders For automatic machinery


Tools Pneumatic, industrial

A complete range of ergonomic utensils from the screwidriver to the work-station

Ingersoll Rand industrial equipment sold by Maber is designed according to the highest quality standards to ensure problem-free durability. Not only they satisfy the most important standards, but exceed the different local norms and regulations world-wide

•Pulse impactools: Light Duty model, Heavy Duty model and with torque control

•Tools for the removal and finishing of metals

•Grinders Cyclone, extended , horizontal and angle-grinders

•Cyclone lapping machines Straight and belt, angle orbital sanders, l and orbital

•Grinders: Heavy-duty series, horizontal, vertical and angle

•Lapping machines and Cleaners.

•Grinders For special applications and pen-kit for engraving

•Milling machines For grinders, accessories


•Percussion tools

•Pumps and saws

•Scalers, needle scalers

•Hammers Heavy and light

•Chippers And related accessories

•Circular saws and alternative saws.